Monday, December 16, 2013

Class Art Projects - 2014 Horace Mann Auction

Our Class Art Projects for the 2014 Auction are shaping up very nicely! Take a look at what your kiddos have been up to, and get ready to bid! The final pieces will be exhibited and sold at Horace Mann's Auction Gala night at the Katzen Art Center, on February 8.We hope you can join us there! Click here to register for Auction Night.

"Fireworks Over DC" by Ms. Moriarty's Friendly Fireworks.
Pottery Serving Tray by Mr. Smith's Lucky Lollipops

"An Elegant Elephant"
Curious Cats Portraits
"Under the Sea" by Ms. Sandford's Delightful Dolphins

"Puppy Love" by Ms. Duarte's Playful Puppies
"Heritage Map" by Ms. Siepiola's Fearless Falcons
Magic Dragons!
Wood shapes collage by Ms. Wurster's Original Orcas
Glitter Portraits by Ms. Ullo's Talented Turtles
Class Portrait by Ms. Yeager's Behaving Bacon

"When I Grow Up" photo collage by Ms. Sheehan's The Crew.